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Our Founder

Donata Dolci (Donata Dolci/Didi) started her professional life as a secretary in a small accounting firm in Italy. She started practicing meditation and it was through this that she decided that she would like to devote her life to serving humanity.


After completing her Neo Humanist studies, she went to Israel for two years to conduct classes on self- improvement. While there she dedicated a lot of time volunteering to encourage mentally disturbed people in the community and in a psychiatric facility.

“When a child is brought to our home I see in him or her great potential. I already imagine his or her bright future. I see light and I see beauty. "


Agriculture to Baan Unrak



While working on the agricultural project, an abandoned wife asked Didi to help her take care of her child. “Both mother and baby suffered from severe malnutrition and other sicknesses. It was clear that she was mentally and physically not able to take care of her child.. I thought I could provide some temporary help, but I was not sure what I should do.  I asked my neighbor and the children in our house. Everybody said, “Take it Didi, take it.” Word got round that Didi took care of abandoned children and members of the community began to bring abandoned children to her.



Didi started the home with her Norwegian friend Oddrun Skare in 1991, both of them full-time volunteers for the Neo-Humanist organization.

Since then, the home has gone from strength to strength, expanding rapidly. Learn more about the history of our home.

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