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2017 Annual Report

Every year we put together the Annual Report of Baan Unrak to provide the government with an audited account of all that transpired within that year. Some of it consists of numbers and data and some of it describes the different activities and projects the children are involved in throughout the year. Overall the Annual Report is a large undertaking. Not only does it take awhile to compile the information it goes through many drafts before completion. Once it is put together we add graphs, photographs and other visuals to accompany the report.

We recently completed the 2017 Annual Report. The report was put together by a few volunteers that compiled the information and then worked to edit it and make it beautiful and unique. It was a great effort by Kelsey who compiled the information, Paula who handled all of the editing and Niim who handled all the graphics and translated the report into Thai.

Paula, Niim and Kelsey

Didi takes a lot of pride in these Reports because it tells the story of that particular year. It is good to have these reports to reflect on the past and have an understanding of where Baan Unrak started and all that it has accomplished.

We have the 2017 Annual Report for anyone who is interested in reviewing. Please feel free to email and we would be happy to send you over a copy.

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