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A Place of Learning

Our founder started Baan Unrak with the vision of the tremendous potential hidden within each and every child. She felt that it was a crime to society to let it go to waist.  That was why she could not say no to any child that needed her help.

Baan Unrak was thus born as a place of learning, a place of transformation and a place of enriching an individuals true potential.

Many people have contributed to this dream in different ways. Many programs that were started have blossomed into the Baan Unrak English academy. This program still lives on today and is kept alive only with the help of our dedicated volunteers. After the big push of the MC Graw Hill program and the kind donation of tablets, Mark, our new volunteer English teacher  started a wonderful program for the children to study on line. It is incredible how this program has captivated even the naughtiest student. Some of them have been proved to be so committed that they sacrifice their football sessions and swimming in order to have a tablet only for themselves for half hour with their own personal volunteer online English teacher.

Since the new school academic year started again this month, and with the  extra curriculum program, the emphasis to study and the enthusiasm lurking within each student has been rejuvenated. Mark and his team of EWF volunteer teachers await the students return from school and provide the much needed assistance needed to perfect their English proficiency skills, which one day will ensure they are able to get prosperous jobs in the future.  This has effected everyone and some of the caregivers and workers have jumped on board to improve their English skills.  We can say that Baan Unrak is truly transformed into a place of learning.

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