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A Special Place for a Special Occasion

In the heart of Baan Unrak land on the top of the hill we have everything which is most precious to us.

It is where we gave farewell to two of our little ones that had to leave before their time. They had arrived with too great of sickness.  Our heart is there with them.  Our mentor Anandamurtijii Baba is there too.  He has been seen in the pure mind of our little children.

We belt the pagoda for them so that we can go to meditate and contemplate in the power of love.  Finally, we brought our water there as well by adding the water tank.  At the top of the hill we allowed the jungle to grow surrounding and protecting our pagoda and water tank.  The receptacles of our treasures.

We call it the Microvita Research Center.

It is where we conduct the research on Microvita which is the minutest sparkle of life.

On 29 April 2018 we conducted the biggest experiment of all.  In commemoration of our beloved Baba’s Birthday all his followers around the word decided to sing together the mantra Baba Nam Kevalam (love is all) at the same time. The idea is to connect the world through the power of love.

It was a very special opportunity for Baan Unrak to be involved but also a challenge as the area was still partly under construction due to the recent building of the water tank.

There was a lot of work put in prior to the program.  The children did a great job of getting the area ready for the big day. Removing sand stones, building fences and a temporary roof to shelter the small children. Our celebration was held on the top of our water tank the source of our life.  The younger children prepared cloth art work to hang up hiding the machinery and tools. Their art was incredibly alive and majestic.  Everything was done by the children with help by a few dedicated staff and volunteers.

When the day finally came the atmosphere was buzzing with life.  It was an incredible experience of child like energy.  The boys made a circle around all of us protecting and ready to stand against storms and lightening.   Determined not to let the fire out, no matter what.

Everybody sang with passion ( and we could not believe how beautiful the circle of love could be.

After the celebration for Baba we left the Microvita sanctuary to the dining hall to celebrate the birthdays of three of our children that happen to have their birthday the same day as Baba. We partied with pizza, snacks and soft drinks.  Everybody was in great spirits and it all concluded with the throwing of candy to the excited children’s shrieks trying to catch a rain of sweets.

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