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A Struggle Against the Adversity of Life

We love Sangkhlaburi. There is a huge lake and the jungle is surrounding our town. For each color of the rainbow, we have a bird to match to it. The sound of the wild is so refreshing like notes in a cosmic symphony. However, some people who live in this multicolor paradise are suffering from extreme poverty. At Baan Unrak, we receive food from well-wishers and we harvest from our land. Our children feel the responsibility for those that do not have.

There are so many people that need help in Sangkhlaburi... Too many!!!

Relief for us is not just giving something, it starts much before that. We need to know our people, we need to talk to them, we need to feel them, we need to access their potential. Then, when we know they cannot make it alone, we step in and give whatever we can.

Meet some of our heroes who don't hesitate to brave the heat and walk long distances.

Lifting big sacks of rice or big boxes is not a problem for them.

The poor villagers were hoping that we would come. It was a great relief for them to see us.

Among so much needs, we could still hear the laughter of the children, and our heart expanded with the hope at this future generation.

As we were about to finish our food gifts, we started to distribute candies and milk to the children. It was a treat that brought excitement in their life. They are the hope of their community. They will be the ones to bring a change. We just wanted to cheer them.

We, Baan Unrak community, like to share with those who do not have anyone to support them. We are ready to sacrifice our time, our energy and things that we still need but they need more.

We are grateful to all the donors that have contributed to these relief operations. We are especially grateful to the receivers, who have given us this beautiful opportunity to serve them!

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