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A Weekend for Knowledge

Last weekend some guests came to visit us, they are very special people.

They are a part of the project “seeds for the future”, that wants to share and diffuse skills and tools to live in harmony with nature, taking advantage of what nature offers us.

The children formed groups according to their interests.

In each group there was a different activity to learn…

But, before the activities began, every child had to draw who he/she is; because the children are the “seeds of the future” too.

The activities were very interesting: some children learned how to make the real Italian pizza

Then there were:

The burn cream lab, that is very good also for the dirty wounds because of its disinfectant properties.

The cough syrups lab, so good for the seasonal flus.

The natural soap lab: olive oil was the main ingredient, but we had to be careful because we used a lot of different powders.

The shampoo lab, were we made 3 different types of shampoo: for making hair stronger and shiny, to speed up hair growth and to cover white hair.

The mosquito repellent lab: to be ready for the rainy season.

The medicine for the fever lab: that is a mix of minced leaves to be taken in capsules.

And the last one, the agriculture lab: to learn how make natural fertilizer to grow our plants better.

We are very happy about the knowledge that we have learned, we will treasure this lessons!!


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