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Adventure in the Jungle

The children love adventures so much that we decided to go back to explore the jungle to climb the mysterious mountain that overlooks the jungle. It's also a treat for the ending of their school year.

The road is winding and it is very easy to get lost. However the road to the top of the world offers many surprises

Meet the great climbers

We hadn't even started walking when big cows caught our attention. It is a small animal sanctuary made by the local people where bigs animals are found.

The Children recognize some of the cows. They use to be in Baan Unrak before.

But the sanctuary is not only big animals. Big animals love to live next to tiny ones.

The diversity of nature has no limit. Not a moment goes by that we are not amazed at her beauty.


On our way, an elephant was eating leaves. Why not help him feed himself a bit?

The hike was very difficult. Mutual support was necessary and everyone was very tired but it's a great lesson for them to learn to fight to achieve their goals. It's a lesson they can use when life calls on them to be strong and brave.

Oh they were really happy to reach the top and have a bite to eat before coming back down.

As we got lost we ended up running out of water and it was really hot, diving in this fresh water gave us indescribable pleasure. Laughter and joy immediately returned.

Once again our children have outdone themselves and emerged victorious from this adventure. it's with stewed legs and a smile on our lips that we go home.

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