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An inspiring story of one of our Single Mom

In Baan Unrak we welcome not only children, but also single mothers. We want to give them a safe place and some peaceful time in the extremely important and critical moment of giving birth to a new life. When a mother comes to us with small children in order to ask for help, we are glad to support them as well, and we try to do all we can to create a heaven for them. We are aware that it's never easy to make the decision to come to our community, then we know that if they did it, that means they are really struggling.

So it was for Kratae.

She gave birth to this tiny baby boy, who little by little became the center of her whole life.

But she comes from many difficulties.

Before she became a mother, she had great ambition. She really wanted to study, do great things, and have a beneficial impact on the society. But she had given up hope, she was very tired and too young and alone to support this new life just on her own.

Coming to Baan Unrak was finally the best choice she could make. Here she had no more reason to worry about her subsistence.

She build good relationships in our home and found many good friends. She was able to rest, she took time to heal and slowly regain confidence and a positive spirit.

It was hard, sure. A child always needs care and love from people who surround him. Baan Unrak became her family, she and her baby never lack human contact here with us.

Now she helps our Home by working as administrator in the office, and sometimes by helping children with their homework.

She enrolled at a special university that allowed her to work for 5 days and study for 2 days a week.

She worked and studied hard for 4 long years.

We are proud of her, and very happy she achieved her goal. We can't forget how useful and helpful she has always been for us. We are grateful for that, and now we will support her in any decision she will make about her future and her new life.

We love her

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1 Comment

Steven Loh
Steven Loh
Dec 21, 2022

so nice to hear kratae story, great transformation in a place with so much love called Baan Unrak. Thanks to all the help contributed by sponsors and ex-inmates. Love from Steven Malaysia

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