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Baan Unrak Driver

Janako came to Baan Unrak at the age of 8 years old. He was so unsure about life and very frail. Whilst with us he experienced support, security, strength, and knowledge.

After graduating from Don Bosco technical school, Janko came back to Baan Unrak.

The bond with Baan Unrak is very strong, just as strong as his passionate desire to start his own small business supplying motorbike spare parts.

His sponsors encouraged his dream by giving him  some capital to start a business. Even with that initial funding, it was not the right time to start it. The money was set aside for when an affordable business premises came along.

In the meantime, Janako became our driver for a year, whilst he saved sufficient money for the business. It is quite hard to save money when people dear to you need help. It was like this for Janako, for he has a very good heart and is always ready to help everyone around him.

But his goodness payed back as his friend allowed him to use a part of their workshop for his business – he only needed to renovate the place. And,  he does not even need to stay there 100% of the time as they will help sell his stock for him via their motorbike repair section, taking a nominal percentage.

This solved his biggest fear of paying expensive rent and not be able to sell enough to cover the overheads. So now, he can sell and still be the driver at baanunrak, earning money for his business. He is happy to be working towards a future business amd lifestyle that one day will help the ones he loves and himself.

He will gradually step away from Baan Unrak, as his business gains strength and sustainability. When that day finally comes, someone else will take on his duty and responsibilities at Baan Unrak. But, his heart will always remain with us here!

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