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Baba’s 100 Years

This year, to honor the 100 years of the coming of our spiritual master, on the Full Moon of May, all the children and staff of Baan Unrak participated in a new way to feel connected with a Wheel of Love that touched many countries

We cannot travel but we created a beautiful connection with people far away through the singing of the mantra Baba Nam Kevalam – Love is All.

We started before sunrise, and it went on till the break of day, our Wheel of Love.

We were online streaming on Zoom for 3 hours, being part of a greater Wheel of Love that traveled through many countries around the world, no stop for two days.

Our children were in a spiritual mood…

The Wheel of Love

In the purity of the early morning, the children were like dew drops, vibrant with life.

Every movement had a silver bell laughter. Every smile was pure, sparkling white light.

The air was so full of life, full of awareness, full of joy.

It was so blissful, so pure, so fresh, so clean.

Then we sat down, meditating on that Infinite Love, all-pervading.

We prepared long in advance for this special day:

– We helped the poorest families around us on our Relief expeditions; – We worked hard on a new project of herbs and medicinal plants; – We had a Baby Naming ceremony; – All the children learned a higher technique of meditation; – We practiced Kaoshiiki, Tandava and yoga asanas to be ready and fit.

The celebration could not be complete without performing


This yogic dance was introduced by Baba on September 6, 1978.

Kaoshikii is a psycho-spiritual exercise which benefits the mind by developing mental stamina and strength.

It is beneficial for everybody, but especially for women. It cures and prevents many diseases, removes complexes, instills self-confidence and encourages self-expression.

On this day at the hilltop we could see our little dancers dressed in brown chocolate sarongs and green blouses.

We could feel their strength yet their humbleness, their endurance yet their tolerance.

We felt the incredible potential hidden in their concentrated faces. It was their feminine power in the purest form.


The dance of Shiva

It is a vigorous dance which boosts courage, fearlessness and will-power. It represents the fight between life and death, the fight for existence.

Tandava opens the heart chakra, energizes the whole body, strengthens the brain and nervous system.

The great yogi Sadashiva invented Tandava 7000 years ago, for his disciples to achieve physical and mental purity.

Baba revived it for our times…

Baba loved to see us performing these dances, as much as he loved to see us gaining strength and getting empowered.

Our spiritual master came 100 years ago…

His ideas, so profound and revolutionary, inspired the creation of our Home. He propounded the Neo-Humanist philosophy of love and care for all beings in the universe, which guides every thing we do in Baan Unrak.

Affectionately we call him Baba, Loving Father. In his life, he has shown such love, dedication and deep concern for everyone, so that we felt part of a huge, unique, Cosmic family.

He may not be here physically anymore, but he is in our hearts.

Therefore, every year on the Full Moon of May, we celebrate his birthday.

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