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Ball game competition

Baan Unrak boys have decided to check, who is the strongest in sports!

They chose their favorite activities and started a competition.


They love it! Our boys can run with a basketball for hours.

Who is the best? The score will show.

Even though it was a serious competition, all the children played together: big and small. Everyone had a chance to show their talents.

Girls were cheering their teams



Some of the girls could not not resist and joined the game.

Children who were not playing were taking pictures and cheering the players up.



Our boys can play football under a rain or a burning sun, with or without shoes - they are still good at it!

Children played fair and respected each other

Sometimes the game got very intense!

In the end we had to admit, that every team was good in on one sport or another.

How are our children so strong?

The secret is very simple: they practice and exercise a lot. Today they went to a gym to build even stronger muscles!

In a healthy body, healthy mind

Our children are the proof of this saying


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