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Children’s day

The children in Thailand and Baan Unrak especially were very excited to celebrate one of the most anticipated events in Thailand, the Children’s Day.

On this day, generous donators including some stall owners in the market place had shared some free gifts and sweets to the children. Fun activities were also organized to entertain the underprivileged children of Thailand. The best thing is all these were taking place within their locality so the children did not have to go out too far this year.

EWF Global being one of the sponsors, prepared a lot of interesting prizes for the children, encouraging every child to participate in the games. Sure enough everyone, even those who are very shy, courageous and excitedly took part in the activities to earn their prizes.

The day is not over yet. As all the 110 children entered the dining hall, another group of well-wishers from Med Service Marketing were already waiting for them and the tables were loaded with beautiful charming surprises. They finished their lunch as quickly as they could while eagerly looking at all the goodies that were being displayed in the hall.

As the day winded down, we got together and enjoyed some sweets and beverages that were sent by our gracious sponsor, Manisha. Feeling grateful for all the contributions made by our guests and all the other sponsors, we then gathered and offered our beautiful “Thank You” song. And the evening was ended with a special movie time together.

It was truly one of the most beautiful days for everyone and was made even more magical with the love and care of our guests and sponsors.

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