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Children's day at school

On a bright and sunny day, all the nursery children from Baan Unrak sat in the van and went to our school. Why? Because it was Children's Day, and they couldn't wait to join the festivities!

The small children had fun in the school, played games and enjoyed snacks, ice-cream and other sweets.

Meanwhile the schoolchildren participated in exciting and funny competitions.

In one contest, they were challenged to eat a cookie without using their hands.

With they hands or eyes tied they had to catch fruits... or feed a friend.

Not all fruits were sweet... some of the children got lemons!

Dance while music plays, but don't relax: friends are ready to take your chair.

How to blow a ball from one cup to another?

It is not as easy as it seems!

Games with balloons are always a lot of fun for all, big and small.

Time for make up!

Can they do it with their eyes tied? Let's take a look at the result.

The delightful day filled with games, snacks, and laughter concluded with the distribution of presents. Children chose their numbers from a present tree and participated in a lottery. Regardless of the size of their own present, the children were very happy for each other.

Happy and tired, they returned back Home right for the evening meditation.

The school will continue tomorrow, but the joy of friendship will remain and brighten our hearts.

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