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It is hard to forgive after having lost the immediate family and being abandoned by the extended family.

The little boy that came to Baan Unrak long ago is a man with his own family now. But He could not live his life in peace. There was always something that pulled him down in a vortex of anger and deep pain.

He came back to Baan Unrak with his new family but peace was still hard to obtain. He embarked on a journey of self-discovery trying to review the Neo Humanistic values that he had absorbed since childhood in Baan Unrak.

He had hard time to forget the day that his mother ran away because of the extremely abusive husband. The maternal family never accepted him nor his sisters. The desperate children were not fed and they were left under the family house in a place reserved for dogs and chickens. He was consumed by anger and resentment.

It was only with the soft-spoken people of Bali that he could experience the deepness of the Ananda Margas spirit. Ananda Margas mediatation helps people get in touch with their inner selves. He could work out the pain he carried within and start to forgive.

He came back to Thailand knowing that he need to do something to help to heal old wounds.  His grandmother is quite old now and consumed by grief and remorse. He needed to forgive her and pacify her soul.

According to Thai tradition every man needs to become monk at least one time in his life for clearing up karma and for creating merits to benefit all the family’s members.  It is so very important and every family is ready for great sacrifices in order to complete this ritual.

It was the grandmother that had to bath him before he could wear the robe.

Now he is a monk observing austerity, reading sacred scripture on mercifulness and reflecting on the nature of life.

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