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Going Back to School

School has started again! The first day of school is always exciting. We are getting the kids back into a normal routine. Which is always a nice change by the end of their summer break. The kids have now started back in on their morning routine.

Getting ready for the beginning of the year is always a bit of challenge. The children grow so fast in less than two months. We are always needing to replace school uniforms and buy new shoes for the start of the year. Fix buttons and get everyone looking sharp for their first day.

We had two children switch from the nursery school to the Baan Unrak elementary school then five children that graduated junior high and entered high school this year. The high school children go to the public high school where they are immersed with other children of Sangkhlaburi. Then we had seven children graduate high school and will start college courses in the next few months.

A new school year is a new beginning. A fresh start on their academic career. The children look forward to this day and for the many days to come!

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