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Ishvari progress

Ishvari came to Baan Unrak at the very young age of just 11 months old – both very sick and in extreme pain.

We did everything we could to save her. We did know that the damage in her brain could be very severe, but we took up the challenge and we did our best. After she recovered from a 7 days coma, we wondered if she could breath and feed normally.

Quickly she passed the tests. We were so relieved that her life would not revolve around feeding pipes and respiratory machine. Her body was almost motionless except from some nervous spasmodic movement. We took great care of her and we observed the tiniest improvement with  rejoice. She improved with many milestone, such as learning to ingest solid food, learning to roll on herself, slide forward and sit were all great victories.

Everybody rejoiced with her. She is now 4 years and 4 months. Her immune system is still a little bit week. We have had to cut her beautiful hair several times because of fungi infections. But, she is happy to be with people and with her peers. She has learned to thank people with her hand twisted back and indicating that she is hungry with her little hand twisted, and that she wants to eat or sleep. She can understand four different languages.

But yesterday was special, another mile stone was crossed. During meditation Ishvari usually gets pushed around with her wheelchair or moves around in a standing frame. Yesterday she was in her wheelchair. I noticed that her hands were parallel, almost touching each other at a perfect angle. Not twisted but fulling opened. We were so overjoyed and all the children gave her an ovation. Ishvari was so overwhelmed and she too realized that she had done something out of the ordinary.

She was so excited and this has motivated her even more. And today she progressed yet another step forward. She was able to push herself using the peddles of the tricycle that we gave her to ride.

These are all small things and are learned slowly, but our hearts are filled with hope. We hope that one day she will be able to walk and dance. And, one day she will be able to talk and sing.

Right now, she can’t control sound voluntarily to express herself. We are inventing sign language for her to use based on her limited capacity of movement.

She can sign with her hands:- Hungry, Water, Eat, More, Sleep, Smell,  Think, Know, All down, Thank you, Love,Beautiful girl, Blow a kiss and Bye bye.

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