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Leadership Training

We wanted to do something special for our youth (our teenagers and our young adults). The teenagers are preparing themselves to leave the home to enter college or university. The young adults that used to be children in Baan Unrak are currently working with us.

In this workshop, the spiritual dimension of leadership was essential on all layers. Since this element of leadership is often overlooked in training, it was a complete shift in perspective, and in the “Look” and “Feel”. Consequently, this workshop discussed specific terms from the yogic tradition to stimulate reflection on leading. It also included daily meditation sessions to charge the days with a spiritual flow.

Since 1990! When we first came

Until now!

It is something completely new.

We want to inspire our youth.

We want to empower them to become valuable members of society.

To be caring and ready to serve.

To be able to give forward to the society.

Not to forget the kindness of innumerable people, sponsors and supporters that have helped them through their young lives.

We had yoga!



A lot of singing and composing Kiirtan's new tunes


To make this multiple-day event possible, some trainers came from Bangkok to support this program. Besides these activities, the program included many shared elements for individual and collective growth (such as consciousness, cosmic mind, five fundamental factors). In addition, there were a variety of workshops, training activities and presentations.

The classes were so captivating. Everybody got to learn something that touched them deeply. They were lessons that went directly to the core of their hearts.

But them we needed a break!

Time for snacks...

They enjoyed the delicious food which was very welcome. It was almost as captivating as the classes.

Trainers of "Leadership Training Program"

Participants (Future leaders, Baan Unrak Foundation)

"Perhaps, we may rediscover the messages of the sages of the past in a new way and come to the old conclusion that: “Knowing Oneself is the Real Knowledge” and to attain it we need a balanced pursuit of “Inner and Outer Ecological Harmony”.

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