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Mystical Christmas

Every Christmas in Baan Unrak is special. We carefully promote the value of love, togetherness, and caring each year.

This year the Baan Unrak’s manager gave full responsibility of planning the occasion to the children. Symbolically, Didi hung two bells in the kitchen entrance. The rest of the decorations were also the work of the children.

It was unique, mystical, and cute, albeit simple.  The banquet of Christmas Eve was delicious and done in a beautiful setting. Bed sheets became table clothes and empty bottles of drinks became beautiful vases holding flowers and set on each table. Rarely Baan Unrak has table cloths; just to have it accompanied by soft music was enchanting.

The best was after dinner when we all met at the football field during the evening. There was a lowly snow man made of drinking cups that shined in the darkness of the night. There was a gush of wind and out came the moon. It was a mystical sight, with the moon being the lone light in a starless sky. Gradually the children lit candles and sat in front of the snow man. We then sang Baba Nam Kevalam (Love is all) and meditated together. A carol of small children serenaded all in the end with Christmas songs in 3 different languages.

In the midst of the small children came Marry holding a newborn Tan War.

For that night he was our Jesus. It was beautiful and loving.

Thanks to all of our children, especially Tang Mo, Lochoy, Aye Maw, and Ananta. We are proud of these children that could really open the doors to our hearts during Christmas day.

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