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Pre Teen Trip to Takien Thong Waterfall

Now that the children are officially out of school and the weather is warm we decided to take our young ones on a day trip with a picnic to waterfall.

It was a beautiful day with much excitement from the kids.  We stopped in town first to get watermelon cut for the drive which is roughly an hour away.  We sang songs and played games on the way there.  Upon arrival everyone worked together to set up a picnic area so we could all enjoy a meal together.  Then once finished, we headed out single file on a path into the jungle towards the waterfalls.

The hike was majestic with many twists and turns along the river.  The kids couldn’t wait to get to the destination.  Eventually you turn a corner to five or six waterfalls in a row that you can swim in and around.  It was manageable for even the littlest of the group with the help of the volunteers and Malek who runs the nursery at Baan Unrak.  We swam and played in the water until everyone was thoroughly drenched and exhausted.  It was a blast!

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