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Prema's Graduation

The cherished goal of Prema young life. She was encouraged by all of us in Baan Unrak. Friends and supporters have cheered her up all the way through.

She made all of us happy by getting the first-class honor for her faculty!

She came as a new born baby.

She passed through all her milestones in our home. She had a very wonderful care-mother and many loving friends.

Friends were important to her.

She had a very good time with the volunteers and children.

There were always so many activities at home.

We all enjoyed together.

She learnt so many things such as music, drama ...


Handicrafts and farming ...

She went to many places like Krabi, Malaysia, Singapore.

She went with the purpose. She was part of our fundraising program and she performed in our yoga show.

She had been through our kindergarten...

...primary, secondary, high-school.

and then the university...

She took all the opportunities that she had, to come back for giving a helping hand.

She really loves the children here.

In her last journey here, she had taken a leadership position in relief programs, trips and excursions with Baan Unrak's children.

Back to university she had taught the children at the local schools in the community as part of her training.

Furthermore, she made community services as a part of faculty program as well.

She got a scholarship to go to the USA for one month to improve her english skill.

And here she is. All smiling and happy.

She had beautiful connection with all of her friends at university.

They all supported and cared for each others.

Finally our Didi, her care-mother and few sisters and brothers from Baan Unrak came to participate in her happiness.

Congratulations!!! Dear Prema.

We are proud of you!


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