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Run Sangkhlaburi!

This Sunday some of our children and volunteers joined the Sangkhlaburi Three Rivers Run. The organizers were so kind to invite us to be part of the race for free!

We jumped out of bed at 4.30am, and by 5am we showed up at the starting line extremely excited, and perhaps a bit intimidated by the sight of a crowd of pro runners..!

Ready, Set, Go!

As the klaxon sounded everybody sprinted off. Wanchai was quick to take the lead, with the others in close pursuit.

For little Phudoy, running was not enough. So he was jumping and flying through the race!

The runners passed in front of our Bakery too!

And some of us even preferred to run barefoot, leaving their shoes right at the starting line..!

We all eventually stumbled across the finish line after a crazy 5km. Tired, but happy!

And to recover…

The Ice Baths!

…with little icebergs floating around!

The kids’ batteries were not over yet. In fact, they had extra energy to go swimming! So we headed to the lake…

Running Some More!

At the Lake…

In a state of grace after the race, little Phudoy was even able to meditate on the water… floating!

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