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Songs of the New Dawn

Prabhat Samgiit, also known as "Songs of the New Dawn" in English, is a collection of 5018 songs composed by our spiritual teacher. These songs reveal the hidden sides of yogic philosophy.

These songs cover a wide range of themes, including love, devotion, social justice, human values, and spirituality. They are written in a poetic and lyrical style, often with rich metaphors and symbolism. Prabhat Samgiit encompasses a diverse array of emotions and ideas, making it a valuable source of inspiration and reflection for individuals on a spiritual journey or seeking personal growth.

For the occasion of the first Prabhat Samgiit given back in 1982, three of our girls prepared a beautiful performance of a traditional Indian dance for one of the songs.

Girls performed for our children and online for the South-East Asian audience.

The music and lyrics of Prabhat Samgiit have been set to various musical compositions with elements spanning from classical to folk music, making them accessible to a wide audience. These songs are sung and appreciated by people from various backgrounds and spiritual beliefs.

Songs of the New Dawn are considered a cultural and spiritual treasure, and many of the songs continue to be performed and enjoyed by people around the world.

Even though the girls had very short time to prepare the dance, they were brilliant.

They love performing and feel natural moving on the stage, as if it was their natural element of the habitat.

And we are always happy to see our talented and beautiful children, when they are shining with joy.


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