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Special relief

As war in Myanmar intensifies once more, we're fully committed to aiding those affected.

This time, children of all ages, including the younger ones, are actively participating in relief missions.

They travel difficult roads to deliver the essential supplies to the refugees.

The small children helped to deliver food and clothes to the people who needed our support.

The bigger children travel to more distant locations with the same mission: to help people in need.

A big amount of rice and other food items has been provided.

Rebuilding a village in Myanmar

Currently, the situation with bombings in Myanmar is worsening, leading to the destruction of numerous villages. While we can't assist every village, we do what we can.

The graduates and volunteers of Baan Unrak crossed the border, helped to rebuild several houses and provided essential supplies.

Even though some houses have been already rebuilt, there is still a lot of work pending.

We are using plastic covers or leaves for waterproofing and insulation, but the first rain has already started and soon the only option will be to purchase the plastic.

Every day more and more people run away from the violence of the war. Some stay in the refugee village, some manage to cross Thai border. We are doing our best to help, but the need is overwhelming.

The needs of people are very simple, yet essential for the survival.

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