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The Drawing Contest

During the summer break, the children of Baan Unrak participated in a drawing contest organized by the Global Welfare Society of Thailand, aimed to support the Education of Underprivileged Girls. 21 children of Baan Unrak took this challenge.

Our little artists gave their best, and with the help of our skilled volunteer Romain, they produced stunning results. In France, Romain used to teach drawing to children, so he naturally supervised the drawing contest with great pleasure.

To start, the children had to find a good idea related to the theme of the contest: the Empowerment. It wasn’t easy at first, but thanks to Romain’s explanations and books on the subject, all the children found a way to draw what they wanted to express.

The last step was to paint, and according to Romain, it was a terrifying step for most of the kids, as they were afraid to ruin their drawing with paint. However, the children were free to choose how to do it. Some of them used color pencils, the others painted with watercolors.

They had to be concentrated, and it took a lot of time, but they were focused and motivated. Indeed, some children were not satisfied with their first drawing, yet so driven to reach their best, that they decided to make a second one, improving and refining their original idea.

Eventually, the 21 drawings of the 21 children were submitted to the drawing contest. And a few weeks later, we received great news..!

Three of our children were awarded in this national contest, and so they had the privilege to go to Bangkok with Didi, to assist at the awards ceremony and receive their prize.

Our Latika was the overall winner in the 7-13 years category, Anipo was the second best among the 14-20 years category, and Pewing was the third one in the 21-27 years category.

Below, you can see the submitted drawings of our children and the idea behind their images.

Let’s start with the number one, Latika!

Latika is a girl born on 1.6.2006 about her drawing, she says: “I want to bring to this world Bin to clean the streets, Free schools, Food and water, to make people stronger and free and allow them to become what they want to be. Latika, 13 years old

Pewing is a boy born on 5.12.1998 He says about his drawing: “The bridge to the city” To get your goal, you need to cross the bridge. Sometimes with painful moments but sometimes with nice moments. You just must not to forget your goal and cross the bridge. Pewing, 20 years old

Anipo is a girl of born on 04.08.2001 She says about her drawing: “The world in the hand of a child” She says that with the help of a good example a child can raise high and change the world. Anipo, 19 years old

Somsi is a girl born on 29.2.2004 She says for her picture: “The hospital attractive park” Children pain could be less, not only injecting them medicines but let them have fun. Hospitals are not a funny building. Why not build some attraction to empower sick children? Somsea

Em is a boy of 8.5.2005 He says about his drawing: “The drum teacher” By learning music, humans could express themselves and change their mind and their life. Em, 14 years old

Sandaso is a girl of 1.1.2003 She says about her drawing: “For a better society” Bringing education, freedom, peace, and jobs, you can build a good society. It is my mission to work hard in others to build this kind of society. Sandaso, 16 years old

Mali is a girl born on 17.7.2003 She says about her drawing: “Free school for all” Because every child should have access to free education, I would open a free school in the town in the world where they need it. Mali, 16 years old

Praipana is a girl born on 10.12.2004 She says about her drawing: “The power of music” The power of music is incredible. With music, you can put smiles on all faces and you can bring peace in the community. Pripana, 14 years old

Jirapet is a boy born on 27.7.2008 He says about his drawing: “The robot cleaner” Pick up the garbage is like cleaning your mind. After that, you can think better and faster and act for a better world for the human being. Jirapet, 11  years old

Araya is a girl born on 29.12.2009 She says about her drawing: “The frog girl smiling” Keeping your child soul, you can bring to the world a beautiful vision of yourself and find ways to be happy. When the things around are not good and people think you are a frog, inside you are still beautiful and not bad weather can change that. Araya, 10 years old

Celine is a girl born on 29.11.2007 She says about her drawing: I want to be a nurse to take care of children that are sick but I want also to be a teacher to teach them to become good, free, educated and self-autonomous. Celine, 12 years old

Champoo is a girl born on 12.12.2007 She says about her drawing: “Flower garden” Growing up, I want to be a gardener and make the world happy with the fragrant floral scent and full of love. Then, the warmth of the whole world will change by our hands. Champoo, 12 year old

Jampen is a girl born on 18.5.2002 She says this on her drawing: “A good person in the world” I want to be a good person in society to give people a good example and make them good and strong. Jampen, 17 years old

Karuna is a boy born on 1.1.2006 He says: “Happy farmer in the mountain” Sometimes hard work can feed many people and make them strong and healthy. Then they can all help” Karuna, 13 years old

Fai is a girl born on 23.4.2004 She says this about her drawing: “The World cook” I want to be a chef and I  will try to be a chef to cook for people that do not have food to eat and I will give to the people with love” Fai, 15 years old

Fon is a girl born on 1.1.2003 She says about her drawing: “Every blind person has a power” If a blind painter can change the life of his reader it means that if someone with good vision can change the world as well. Fon, 16 years old

Fah is a girl born  on 23.4.2004 (she is a girl with a delayed development) She does not explain her drawing Fah, 15 years old

Tinaisu is a boy born on 29.1.2006 He says about his drawing: “The inspiring great man” I want to paint big pictures of inspiring people who changed the world. Because watching them, Human beings will remember that all is possible” Tinaisu, 13 years old

Wan is a girl born on 8.1.2009 She says about her drawing: “The house closer to the river” For a better life, you do not need so many things; a small house, nature, and to what you already have. Wan, 10 years old

Metatamo is a girl born 13.11.2008 She says about her drawing: “The giant flower of my life” This is the flower of my life, fragrant with love. This fragrance can spread all over the world and put love into human hearts. Metatamo, 11 years old

Molay  is a boy born on 19.3.2007 (we modify the date of birth and name spelling) He says about his drawing: “Flower in the city” If we take the time to enjoy an ice cream, the flavor of the flowers or an evening with a sun setting, the life will take on other way and you will be able to change the world. Molay, 12 years old

Wanchai is a boy born on 22.12.2008 He says for his drawing this: “Gardener of the world” The human being is like a flower. to make it grow we have to give it water, sun, love, and education. Wanchai, 11 years old

Panita is a girl born on 23.10.2009 She says about her drawing: “The two ladies in green landscape” You do not need a nice hat, dress, and money to be happy. The only things you need is to be yourself and work for a better world. Panita, 10 years old

Rita is a girl born on 21.4.2010 She says about her drawing: “The Giant Rabbit” The rabbit can be more giant than a forest. He just has to want it. For humans in the world, it is the same. They can be who they want, they just have to choose it. Rita, 9 years old

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