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The Joy of Painting

The afternoon painting workshop with Irene has become a daily unmissable appointment for a group of very passionate children.

The venue is the quiet space of the library, among wooden shelves full of books and a relaxing green floor, with views of trees and the lake from the big windows and the sun that comes shining in.

Sometimes, even the little ones come to unleash their creative vein..!

Little Artists At Work

Another day, another artwork

Some of the Works

And a Good Story…

A sponsor came to visit Baan Unrak all the way from Australia. After the collective meditation, Didi showed her the paintings made by the children, and the sponsor immediately fell in love with one in particular, so much that she decided to buy it

Em, the artist child, was called right away to come back to the meditation room. Here he confessed that, proud of his drawing, his intention was to give it as a present to Didi.

He then accepted happily to sell it, promising that he would have done another one, even more beautiful, for Didi the next day.

Painted Bags

The paintings also decorate shopping bags that will be sold to support Baan Unrak Children’s Home.

Some of these painted shopping bags are already flying to Italy with our two veterinarians volunteers that just left.

Stay tuned to read about what our veterinarians friends have done here at Baan Unrak… in the next blog article!

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