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The passing of Mya Win

We are known in Sangkhlaburi as a children’s village. We are a tiny community within the confines of the city limits. As our own community we experience all the joy and the sorrow that naturally occurs in every social group. We enjoy the gift of life and mourn the sorrow of death like most.

Since we built Baan Unrak in 27 years, we witnessed joyful births of so many babies as well as the agony of losing loved ones we held dear. Recently we had to carry the burden such agony with the passing of Mya Win.

Mya Win was an elderly widow who came to us with her youngest daughter many years ago. She was a very sweet and loving lady with a beautiful voice and a soft smile. She helped us to look after several little boys, taking special care of our rambunctious Chidatama. She took care of him like her own son since he was an infant. She was an anchor of strength for her other daughters who landed into a difficult marriage.

We didn’t realize her life was in jeopardy until it was too late. She went from healthy to weak so suddenly – we took her to the hospital immediately but there was nothing they could do. The cancer was in her heart and had already spread. The Doctor gave her two weeks to live, and they were right! She lasted only two weeks. No matter how much we tried to help her with natural medicine and prayer, there was nothing we could do. She left in a beautiful way though, surrounded by her daughters. She asked for the permission to leave and when her oldest daughter granted it, she closed her eyes for the last time.

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