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The Spirit of Service

There are many good people in the world. They are silently doing notable and wonderful things. We are hardly aware of their existence because they move with a light step not disturbing or bothering anyone. Whatever they do it has the power to relieve pain and restore hope. Their touch is a balm to the humanity’s wounded heart.

They are more than you may think. They are sacrificing daily out of the goodness of their heart, without witness and you cannot find their deeds in newspapers.

We have the honor of welcoming some of them in Baan Unrak from time to time.

Just recently a group of 25 people came during Christmas holidays with a sole intention to serve and give.

We could feel their enthusiasm and energy even before they came.

Their noble actions have established them in the excellency of human existence.

They were here and they helped us from every angle possible.

The mothers of the group mingled together to cook for us. In doing so we experienced the mother’s loving touch. The concentration and the care in the cooking was notable.

Another group took the challenge to repaint as much area of our home as possible. We let them paint the saddest rooms (neglected rooms) to bring back some joy and love to our youth and inspire them to live cleaner and tidier.

Another group took care of our garden. They know our difficulty in growing our crops. They came with new solutions and technology and they worked tirelessly to meet their target. Our workers and our children came to give a hand and to learn.

Then we had the artists that had put all their heart to create a beautiful art piece in our meditation room. When they finished that, they put their energy to decorate our home for the Christmas celebration. Everything they touched became beautiful!

Another group dedicated themselves to our impoverished community. They identified families in need and actively made plans to improve their condition.

They checked their health and they were able to install 4 solar lights in the homes of the poorest. Now they plan to came back to install another 18 lights. Every family they visited was gifted with a generous donation of food to enjoy during the December holiday.

Our Baan Unrak  children too had their eyes checked and advised accordingly.

We were taken care of in so many different ways and we did feel their love. We felt the energy of the group entering in our spirit, inspire us and fortify us. They bought their meals at our bakery and handy crafts at our weaving center, helping us further by giving us an income and dignity. They did not want to be a weight on us in any way, only to be as beneficial as possible. When they left us to return to their home they left behind gifts and donation.

They made sure that every child received a Christmas present.

It was incredible to have them and we showed our gratitude by trying to make their stay as comfortable as possible. Their presence inspired us to hold a public Christmas party.

They have been our workers, mothers, fathers, friends, teachers, costumers, sponsors, doctors, nurses, public and angels for 4 nonstop days. Even when they left, they were still making plans and work tirelessly for us, so that we may have a better life, a better future and better opportunities.

Now it is up to us, to maintain their work. To apply the knowledge received. Of course to spread the message of love & service as far and wide as possible.

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