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Visit from Mahidol University

A wonderful day was spent with University students this week. They arrived at Baan Unrak for a day long retreat with the children. They were all from Mahidol University the Kanchanaburi Campus. It was a very hot day so perfect for keeping the kids occupied and their minds off the heat with fun activities. They spent the day singing songs, learning dance moves and playing games. To keep so many children at so many different ages excited and participating is a testament to how great these College students performed. It is also good for the kids to meet and get to know Thai students who are receiving higher education as role models.

They brought along snacks, games and goodies for the children. They also handed DiDi a generous donation for Baan Unrak at the end of the day. The children sang their thank you song and were asking for them to return very soon. Such a successfully fun day! We hope to see them again!

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