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Baan Unrak Primary school started in the humblest of settings: a small dimly lit house with a handful  of enthusiastic students and educators.  Lead by Didi Anurauga, the school has grown into a well regarded government sanctioned school.


The school follows the Neo Humanistic approach to education which seeks to develop the more subtle capacities of the human mind.





Home School


In 2011 the headmaster of the local public school asked Baan Unrak to provide an alternative education program for children in the area utlilizing the Neo Humanist philosophy. He saw the success of our primary school and thought we could assist with solving the growing drop out program in our area. We currently have children attending our fully accredited middle school.




Nursery School


Our children begin their education at an early age.  They start to study 5 days a week in our nursery school at the age of 2. They learn to sing, count, speak in Thai and English. They also practice yoga and meditation for kids.


All this is done in a loving and nurturing envrionment overseen by the main teacher, Melek,  and 2 assistants. 

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