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Outreach Program

 When Didi first came to Sangkhlaburi in 1990, she witnessed the social disparities in the community. She began outreach and relief efforts with the most impoverished families within the area. Just like the children home's enormous growth over the past twenty years, Baan Unrak's outreach and relief project has expanded exponentially over the years. Read more about the social issues that are rampant among the Sangkhlaburi community here.


Often times, an offering of rice and baby food could mean the difference between life and death for the most impoverished families


We provide temporary food assistance, clothing, mosquito nets, clean drinking water systems and other items to help disparate communities obtain their basic needs to the most needy people along the Thailand and Myanmar border.  


Baan Unrak has also provided funding for teachers, materials and infrastructure in school located deep in the jungle, which would otherwise severely lack resources to provide a basic level of education for their children.


Children's Involvement

When safe and appropriate, BU involves our children in our community outreach activities as a part of their education. The aim is to raise their self-esteem, harbor selflessness and foster civic engagement and community identity. 


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