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Our Philosophy

Simply stated, we believe that we should love and care for all beings in the universe. 



Neo Humanism is an ecological, holistic, comprehensive philosophy. Drawing upon ancient teachings on the levels of consciousness, a neo-humanistic approach to education seeks to develop the more subtle capacities of the human mind.


Neo-Humanism is the spirit of benevolence. To teach love, one must embody it. To embody love, one must see all as divine. To see all as divine, one must practice methods of contemplation and inner reflection. Only then will one embody the true spirit of universal outlook in their thoughts and actions.

How it Affects Baan Unrak

The Neo-Humanist philosophy affects how the children live in a number of ways. We follow a vegetarian diet and practice meditation two times a day. Many of the children are very adept at yoga. 


These children have suffered severe trauma and they require a firm but gentle approach towards discipline. We believe that  Neo-Humanism is one such appropriate approach. It is a philosophy which is holistic and gentle which encourages the children to develop compassion towards themselves and towards others above all else.

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