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At Our Home

Some Examples of what you could do:

  • Assisting with child care

  • Teaching English to home schooled kids and staff

  • Child counseling (professional experience required)

  • Relief work with teenagers

  • Driving school bus

  • updating sponsors

  • Yoga

  • Teach English to house mothers

  • Supervise Homework

  • Engineer

  • Lots of other things

If you are interested in volunteering at our house you can read about the in's and out's of Baan Unrak volunteers here.

Then download and complete the volunteer application.

Send the volunteer application to:

From Your Home

  • Sell our products including holiday cards and woven goods. Take a look at our DaWanda shop. 

  • Hold fundraising events. Write to us at and we will help you.


Provide technical assistance:

  • Medical consultations

  • Psychological consultations

  • Traditional medicine

  • Pattern design

  • Product design for weaving center

  • Sales/Marketing experience for weaving center

  • Business management

  • Fundraising

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