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Children's Home


Our primary mission is to provide housing, food, education, emotional support and opportunities to over 130 vulnerable children from Thailand and Burma/Myanmar, including the neighboring Mon and Karen States.

At the Home, we employ care-mothers to provide love and care to all the children, while also instilling good values and discipline (see the Women's Project). 

Altogether, Baan Unrak Children's Home provides shelter for over 160 people.

Mindful Living: Yoga, Meditation and a Healthy Diet


We provide an environment which cultivates universal love for all beings, through the guiding principles of Neo Humanism.


Everyday the children rise early for meditation and to practice their yoga asanas. Time for inner contemplation and yoga calms their minds and prepares them for the day ahead.

We adhere to a vegetarian diet, both for animal welfare and the wellbeing of our bodies and minds. Most of our vegetables and fruits come from our own organic garden and farm.


"Our children come to us from many different situations of pain,

they go through such difficulties...

and Yoga is the one thing that helps them the most.

Yoga heals their body, heals their mind,

and teaches them that the world is still beautiful."


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Our Greatest Wish


We place a great emphasis on helping our children recognize their full potential. Our aspiration is for them to pursue their calling, to serve society and give back to the community.

It's our dream that our children will do great things for society.

Baan Unrak has so far helped 8 children graduate from University in the fields of aviation, engineering, law, hotel management, education, fashion design, health and business administration.

We are immensely proud of these young women and men, who serve as role models for every child at the Home. 

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Baby Chusack_2 copy.jpg
Baby Chusack_3 copy.jpg

“When a child is brought to our home,

I see in him or her great potential.

I already imagine his or her bright future.

I see light and I see beauty."



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