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Weaving and Sewing


We weave our own fabric using traditional Burmese methods on wooden looms. Then we hand craft a variety of products, from men, women and kids apparel to kitchen and dining accessories.

We sell the products in our local shop, online on Etsy, and through partners around the world.

All the profits from this project support our Children's Home.

View a selection of our products for sale online at

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The Story


In 1995, Baan Unrak began a small weaving and sewing center. The objective was to provide jobs and vocational training to single mothers, while preserving the traditional Burmese weaving style.

In our community one of the greatest challenges for single mothers, and women in general, has always been the lack of opportunities. This leads to insufficient income to support the family and, ultimately, the decision to abandon their children.

Spanning more than two decades, the Weaving & Sewing project has grown, always remaining true to its original purpose.

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