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The First Steps at the Nursery


Our children begin their education at an early age. They start to study at the nursery school within our Children's Home from the age of 2.

In a loving and nurturing environment, under the gentle guidance of teacher Melek, our children are taught how to write, count, speak and sing in both Thai and English.

Baan Unrak is a multilingual environment, and our children grow up able to speak English together with their native languages Karen, Mon, Burmese or Thai.

The children take their first steps in yoga and meditation, learn the importance of sharing and caring for each other, respect, good manners and so on.


Our Sister Project: Baan Unrak School


In 2001, Baan Unrak Primary School was formalized in the humblest of settings: a small, dimly lit house with a handful of enthusiastic students and teachers.


The school was set up to provide additional tuition to Baan Unrak children who were struggling in the public school with issues such as language and social acceptance, and to provide education to the children who did not have proof of their legal status to attend the public school.

Since it’s beginning, the school has grown into a well-regarded government sanctioned school, with English as its primary language, welcoming all children from the local area.

The school, like the Children’s Home, follows the Neo Humanistic approach to education, which seeks to develop the more subtle capacities of the human mind.

All the way to University

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Over the years, Baan Unrak has celebrated 8 graduations and currently has 7 students enrolled in universities across Thailand, an extraordinary feat considering their difficult beginning in life. Attending university is only made possible with the students dedication and hard work, support from Didi, encouragement from their care mothers, sponsorship from generous donors, and the love and care of all the Baan Unrak Community.


The students have graduated in the fields of aviation, engineering, law, hotel management, education, fashion design, health and business administration.

We are immensely proud of these young women and men, who serve as role models for every child at the Home. 

Experiences Abroad: from Baan Unrak to the World

Learning English in the USA

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Prema is studying Humanities with a major in English. In 2019, she was awarded the Brackett Foundation Scholarship, an incredible opportunity to attend a 2-month intensive English course in San Francisco.

She is a tremendous inspiration for our children who are stuck in Sangkhlaburi without any papers to travel outside our township. Prema had this problem herself, but she fought hard and, with the dedication of Baan Unrak staff, she could finally get her passport.

Her achievements are a tribute to her hard work and relentless pursuit of the best education. 

Prema is an exemplary ambassador for Baan Unrak. 

Vocational Training in South Korea


Facilitated by a sponsor of Baan Unrak, Tarit and Janako traveled to South Korea for a 3-month organic agriculture training course, with a focus on the production of herbal teas.


Tarit and Janako grew up at our Children's Home and are now part of our staff. They have big ambitions for our agriculture project. Traveling to South Korea was the opportunity for them to understand the process and business of growing organic produce.

Back at Baan Unrak, they are now applying the learnings and passing them on to the children. Tarit is now responsible for our Garden and Farm.

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