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Our sponsors through the years

Their generosity makes our children's lives better.

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Christian and Stephanie Drapeau of One World Foundation have supported Baan Unrak in a variety of capacities over the last decade, including project development for the weaving center, support of vehicle maintenance, water system and farm work, child sponsorship and funding of college tuitions.

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Sunline Foundation is a philanthropic initiative whose mission is to support Social Purpose Organisations striving for self-sufficiency and bringing lasting impact to the communities. Sunline Foundation has been an integral part of our Restaurant and Cafe. They have sponsored our manager's salary and have helped us to buy kitchen equipment.

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Volontari Casa Dei Bambini was founded by Didi’s family and friends, who wanted to support Didi on her life mission. Since 25 years ago, Volontari Casa Dei Bambini has sent a regular donation to the home every month.

wilai foundation.jpg

The Wilai Foundation is an Australian Charity offering support to stateless, orphan girls in Thailand and Myanmar.
The Wilai Foundation helped us buying equipment for our Bakery, Restaurant and Cafe.


In order to raise awareness and funds for Baan Unrak, the people from Bike Aid Singapore cycled 340km from Bangkok to Sangkhlaburi. Such initiatives show the children what grit and determination look like, and the sacrifices people are willing to make to help them achieve their dreams. Bike Aid Singapore helped to build our School and other projects in Baan Unrak Children's Home and Baan Dada.

McGraw Hill.png

McGraw Hill sponsored a volunteer's time and a number of computers to support our children’s education. They
designed a curriculum for our children to learn English at the home.

Amici nel mundo.png

Amici Nel Mondo is an organization founded to provide targeted and concentrated aid. A long time supporter of Baan Unrak, Amici Nel Mondo sponsored part of the construction and furniture of one of our children's house and library. Over the years, they have also contributed to school tuitions and more.


The Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team supports us by running a children’s education sponsorship program in Italy. They host fundraising concerts and dinners for Baan Unrak. They have also connected us to shops in Italy where we sell our Baan Unrak traditional weaving products.

We are also grateful to AMURT teams across the world who assist us with donations and fundraising efforts, especially from USA, England and Germany.


NIST International School supports Baan Unrak with food and other supplies.


Under the Assistance for Basic Economic and Human Developments Projects, The Japanese Embassy in Thailand sponsored a covered school bus to enable us to safely bring our children to school everyday. 


The Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team Ladies is a subsidiary of AMURT, but managed by solely by ladies. It is a platform for donors to connect to Baan Unrak.


Gogoprint is a leading online printing company in Thailand and South-East Asia. They helped us print leaflets and stickers for our sustainability projects: the vegetarian and vegan restaurant & café, and the online selling of organic products from our garden.

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They support us regularly with group service at our Home and with donations, both in-kind and monetary.


In addition to the organizations above,

we are immensely grateful to all the private individual donors around the world supporting our children and projects.

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