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Baan Unrak - “The Home of Joy”
Sustainability Projects Urgent Needs

Our mission at Baan Unrak is not only to provide shelter and support for both vulnerable children and single mothers, but also to aid refugees fleeing the civil war in Myanmar. Currently, our main needs lie mostly with these two projects: the children's home and the outreach and relief programs.

Your generosity has the power to help change these lives.

See below the current needs of both projects:

Together, we can make a difference in the lives of those who need it most.

Outreach and Relief

Outreach and Relief

In the face of severe poverty and limited opportunities along the Thai-Myanmar border, Baan Unrak responds with monthly aid expeditions. Your support is crucial in helping Baan Unrak enhance its resilience and assist those in need through these ongoing initiatives. Click here to know more about the project.

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Four-wheel-drive car

Many of the Baan Unrak children have Burmese roots. We are closely related to Myanmar and feel the responsibility to support the people in need over the border that is located so close to us.

The demand for help in Myanmar is huge, and we're doing our best to assist. Once the borders open up, the needs of people will increase significantly.


To reach the villages we support we travel rough, rocky roads impassable for standard vehicles. We require a robust, four-wheel-drive vehicle with enhanced cross-country capabilities and endurance in the absence of proper roads.


Now our reach extends only to villages near the border, but we're optimistic that soon we'll be able to make a meaningful contribution to the welfare of many people.

Total costs: 1.250.000TBH (32.000€) - 50% COMPLETED

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Family Relief Packs

Now, as families flee from the Myanmar War, we must act! They need our help to rebuild their lives from scratch. Baan Unrak graduates, with the support of our community and sponsors, are delivering essential supplies to refugee villages. But unfortunately, this is still not enough.


You can make a difference today by purchasing a relief pack. Each pack includes the essentials they need to survive:

  • plastic rooftop

  • pots for cooking

  • buckets for water and showers

  • mosquito nets

  • plates and cutlery

  • mats

  • blankets

  • medicines


Donate now and be a lifeline for families fleeing conflict, offering them hope, support, and the chance to rebuild their lives.

Family Relief Pack: 2500 TBH (63€) 


Regular Relief Packs

In our local area, poverty is a pressing issue that affects many families. Families are encountering hurdles in meeting their basic needs, with limited resources exacerbating their situations.

Through our regular monthly relief efforts, we address the immediate needs of 40 poor Thai families in our community.


The regular pack includes the following essential supplies:

  • 15 kg of rice

  • cooking oil

  • soy sauce

  • noodles

  • salt

Your contribution can have a meaningful impact on the lives of these families. Join us in our efforts to build a stronger, more resilient community!​

Regular Relief Pack: 500 TBH (13€)



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Baan Unrak Children's Home

With resources often stretched thin, ensuring a safe and nurturing environment for the children under our care can be challenging. Your support is crucial in empowering Baan Unrak to enhance its resilience and foster an environment conducive to positive development through these Projects.

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New room for our guests

Every year, Baan Unrak welcomes numerous dedicated volunteers from around the world who are passionate about serving the community. We provide housing for these volunteers.

To accommodate them, we have constructed additional living quarters. We have added three bedrooms with attached bathrooms and a storage room below the existing building.


Total cost: 250 000 THB (6 302 €)

Bathroom for guests

We plan to build this public restroom near the library of the house, which serves as both a classroom and a homework room for the children in the foundation. This is to provide children who come to study and guests who visit the children of Baan Unrak 

with restroom facilities without having to enter the children's dormitories for safety and privacy reasons. Therefore, we plan to construct three public restrooms located outside the children's dormitory building.

Total cost: 120 000 TBH (3 025€)

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Community Hall

At Baan Unrak, we prioritize maintaining the balance of physical and mental well-being. Therefore, we are committed to sharing positive experiences with individuals interested in practicing meditation, yoga, gym, and detox programs. We plan to construct this building within the premises of Baan Unrak Bakery.

Total cost: 350 000 TBH (8 825€)

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Special flooring for Baan Unrak

We plan to paint the floor because the current one is plain concrete, without tiles. Over the years, there have been several cracks appearing in the concrete floor around the house, needing frequent repairs. Therefore, we plan to paint the house floor with epoxy paint, which is highly durable, covers damages on the floor well, and is easy not only easier to maintain but also more hygienic. 

Total cost: 87 000 THB (2 194€)




URGENT (6).png
URGENT (6).png

Praipana special school

At Baan Unrak, we support each child to pursue their own dreams and encourage them in their talents and passions. Pripana is a talented young girl with a gift for singing, and we have supported her in various aspects, particularly in her studies to develop her potential in Bangkok.

School enrollment: 80 000 THB / year (2014€ / year)

General expenses: 40 000 THB / year (1 009 € / year)

Total cost: 120 000 THB / year (3021€ / year)

Wall paint

It is great to live in a beautiful and tidy house. External aesthetics is inextricably linked with the inner state. When we are surrounded by beauty, it is easier to see the beauty within. Bright, inviting walls can transform the atmosphere, fostering positivity and a sense of belonging among the children. 

After our donors helped us raise enough money to paint our main walls we are now in need of more materials to be able to paint the children's rooms, and the house's doors and surrounding grids.

Each square meter costs XTBH.

We estimate we'll need around X square meters of paint.


Music room

Behind our stage we have a soundproof room. It is ideal to store our musical equipment and sound system. The room has become very humid because of leaking bathrooms upstairs.

We need to repair the existing toilets on the floor above (boys’ dormitories) to stop the leaking of water, to tile the floor f the music room and paint the walls.

It will cost about 50,000 THB (1.385 €) - 50% COMPLETED

DNA test for Thai citizenship

Obtaining Thai citizenship in Thailand is crucial for the children. Many children have been separated from their parents due to unavoidable circumstances, which has prevented these children from obtaining Thai citizenship and the associated rights that Thai citizens are entitled to. At the Baan Unrak Foundation, three children have confirmed that their fathers have Thai citizenship. To demonstrate the link between these children and their parents, a DNA test is necessary.

 1 DNA test: 15 000THB (378€)

Total costs: 45 000THB (1145€)

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Baan Unrak has a program aimed at equipping children with skills in cooking, baking, and hospitality services. This program is manifested in the Ounrak Bakery and Restaurant. The Baan Unrak Bakery serves as a learning center within the foundation where children can gain experience and learn about customer service, cooking, and baking.

Currently, the Ounrak Bakery needs a new refrigerator. The refrigerator we currently have in the bakery, which has been in use for many years, has malfunctioned, resulting in inadequate storage for the bakery's ingredients. 


Total cost: 20 000THB (509€)

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