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Baan Unrak - “The Home of Joy”
Support our Sustainability Projects

Based in Sangkhlaburi, North-West of Thailand, since 1990, Baan Unrak – "The Home of Joy" – has sheltered many hundreds children and single mothers, fleeing the civil war in Myanmar. At the moment we provide a safe & loving home, food, medical care, parenting and education to over 130 abandoned children from Thailand and Burma. 

Donations have shrinked to a point that we are finding extremely difficult to survive and give a better future to our 130 children. Implementing these Sustainability Projects has become more and more urgent to survive. Through them we will sustain our Home of Joy, as well as educate children to become responsible, caring, and also teach them how to work, thus breaking the cycle of poverty.

We desperately need you to save Baan Unrak and help it become more independent through these Projects.

Check below for what we need now and what we already accomplished with your help.

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