Garden and Farm

An important part of our journey to sustainability is growing our own food, 100% organic, seasonal and fresh. 

Our experimental garden and greenhouse is where our boys and girls interested in farming and gardening can grow and learn together.

When the children's garden produces good results, we transfer the learnings to our farm by the lake, at the foot of our hill, where our farmers grow on a larger scale to provide for the Children's Home and to sell at the market.

Growing seasonal fruits and vegetables ensures that our bodies are strong and adaptable to the changing environment.


We enjoy refreshing cucumber and watermelon in the dry heat of the summer and warm corn when the cooler weather arrives. We also grow papaya, pineapple, tomatoes, zucchini, all varieties of green leaves, herbs and maize.

Over the years, we have received gifts of seeds native to other parts of the world from friends of Baan Unrak and so, in addition to our own beloved Thai vegetables and flowers, we also grow Italian basil, Indian neem etc.

Our 60 goats are a central part of our farming community.

The goats provide milk, with which the children make yoghurt and cheese, and manure for our land.

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