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Garden and Farm


An important part of our journey to sustainability is growing our own food, 100% organic, seasonal and fresh. We currently grow about 30% of what we require. 


Our experimental garden and greenhouse is where our boys and girls can learn firsthand about farming and gardening.

When the children's garden produces good results, we transfer the learnings to our farm by the lake, at the foot of our hill, where our farmers grow on a larger scale to provide for the Children's Home and to sell at the market.


In addition to our vegetable farm, we also keep animals.

We currently have 3 cows, 8 dogs and 4 cats, and 60 goats that are a central part of our farming community.

The goats provide milk, with which the children learn to make yoghurt and cheese, both to eat at the home and to sell at our Restaurant & Café. We also use the goats manure as the fertilizer for our land.

Making Goat Cheese and Yoghurt


...and enjoying it!

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