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Happy New Year!

New Year celebration is a time of joy, hope, and anticipation for the future — a moment to bid farewell to the old and welcome the new with positivity and enthusiasm.

New Year means presents!

With the generous support of our friends and sponsors, this year was abundant with presents. We arranged a lottery that sparked immense excitement among the children.

Everyone got something special, but first of all, we all got the festive feeling of a miracle.

The smiles illuminated our Home just like stars in a clear sky.

Later in the evening we gathered around the campfire to say farewell to the old year.

In this mysterious atmosphere, we engaged in meaningful ritual, embracing the essence of pure love, and it resonated deeply within us.  We released the worries and doubts of the past year, entering the new year with hearts full of love and tranquility.

We enjoyed the beauty of the night and had many snacks like cupcakes, cheese-bread, coconut cakes, chocolate milk and many more.

Many children went to the town to enjoy the live music and to share the festive mood with all the people who gathered together at the beautifully decorated field.

Some of the children went to sleep early, but some stayed up until the midnight to salute the New Year by singing and dancing and to watch the fireworks from our hill.

Meeting the New Year

Even though many of us went to sleep quite late, we met again at 5 in the morning to celebrate the New Year in our own unique way - in the spiritual way.

We met the first sunrise of the year with a long kiirtan, singing Baba Nam Kevalam - love is all.

All the children and staff were there, to unite the hearts and fill the upcoming year with bliss.

Big and small, we meditated all together.

What a beautiful peaceful moment

Didi gave a New Year speech sharing the wisdom our spiritual master has left for us to direct our next 366 days on the path of good deeds.

We all took a cup of ginger tea with honey to warm ourselves up on a chilly morning.

And a beautiful lunch sponsored by our dear friends brought even more joy to the first day of the year.

We want to say thank you to all our friends for the beautiful year we spent together.

Let's continue our wonderful journey side by side sharing our love, smiles and beauty.

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