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Here in Baan Unrak, we never stop learning.


In this period, we have the chance to have many volunteers with different backgrounds and fields of expertise, therefore, we decided to use those days of holidays to organize some interesting seminars, to enrich the children knowledge on different topics.

The older adolescents of the home have been invited to participate to seminars, held by a newly graduated Turkish management student, about job opportunities’ awareness and a young Italian psychologist on sexual education.

The job opportunities awareness has been conducted by describing the different study options to the young boys and girls that are about to finish their high school years, in order to help them to clear their minds about their projects for the future. The different career expectations of every child have been attentively considered.

We believe that supporting our children through their personal and professional formation process, is the best way to ensure them a stable and satisfactory independence later in life.

The sexual education seminar it was organized in four meetings, dividing the children according to their age range and gender. The aim of these interactive lectures was to make the adolescents more aware of the risks connected to an early and unprotected sexual life.

The possible adverse consequences of an incorrect sexual conduct have been discussed from a psychological and medical perspective.

Moreover, the emotional aspects of sentimental relationships have been covered with the children, as well as women’s rights in terms of sexuality.

Finally, the differences in gender anatomy have been explained, and the different contraceptive methods have been described.

Our goal is to protect our children, especially the girls, from sexual abuse and unwanted pregnancy, which unfortunately are still a real burden for Thai society.

We believe that a good education on those topics is the most effective mean of protection.

Our children are growing and slowly becoming independent women and men, their eagerness to learn is unlimited, and we are trying our best to accompany them during this journey.


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