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Your monthly sponsorship makes a difference!


1. Donation with PayPal

Our PayPal account is:

Monthly donation

Monthly sponsorship of one child.

2. Donation with Wise

     (formerly TransferWise)

The best option for international bank transfers.

Click here to donate with Wise.


You send money at the real exchange rate with the lowest possible fee.

Wise can be up to 8x cheaper than a normal bank transfer.

TransferWise to Baan Unrak HOME.png

Create your free account on, choose the amount you want to send in your local currency, follow the steps and fill in the details as in the screenshot below:

TransferWise to Baan Unrak.png

Then, pay by credit or debit card or make a local bank transfer to Wise's bank account in your area. Next, they will send it to us.

How does it work?

Wise has bank accounts all over the world, linked together by their smart technology, so the money never actually crosses any border. 

This makes money transfers faster and cheaper.

Click here to donate with Wise (formerly TransferWise).

3. Donation directly to our bank account

Account Name:        Baan Unrak 

Bank Name:              Siam Commercial Bank Sangklaburi

Account Number:    6792073365

SWIFT Code:            SICOTHBK

Bank Address:

Siam Commercial Bank

Sangklaburi Branch

199/1 Moo 3

Nonglu, Sangkhlaburi

Kanchanburi 71240  Thailand

Thank You!

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