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Support “The Home of Joy” through Sustainability Projects

Based in Sangkhlaburi, North-West of Thailand, since 1990, Baan Unrak – "The Home of Joy" – has sheltered many hundreds children and single mothers, fleeing the civil war in Myanmar. At the moment we provide a safe & loving home, food, medical care, parenting and education to over 130 abandoned children from Thailand and Burma. 
Donations have shrinked to a point that we are finding extremely difficult to survive and give a better future to our 130 children. Implementing these Sustainability Projects has become more and more urgent to survive. Through them we will sustain our Home of Joy, as well as educate children to become responsible, caring, and also teach them how to work, thus breaking the cycle of poverty.
We desperately need you to save Baan Unrak and help it become more indipendent through these Projects.

click here to download the whole list:


Untitled design.png
Urgent needs BU CAR.png

Four-wheel-drive car

Many of the Baan Unrak children have Burmese roots.

We are closely related to Myanmar and feel the responsibility to support the people in need over the border that is located so close to us.

The demand for help in Myanmar is huge, and we're doing our best to assist. Once the borders open up, the needs of people will increase significantly.


To reach the villages we support we travel rough, rocky roads impassable for standard vehicles. We require a robust, four-wheel-drive vehicle with enhanced cross-country capabilities and endurance in the absence of proper roads.


Now our reach extends only to villages near the border, but we're optimistic that soon we'll be able to make a meaningful contribution to the welfare of many people.


Baan Unrak is located near the Songkhla lake. We have a motorized boat, that allows us to travel on the lake and provide visitors with enriching sightseeing experiences. 

Every day, workers transport goats to and from the island. The flow can become hazardous, particularly during windy weather. To ensure safety in unpredictable weather conditions, life vests are essential, especially given the rapid weather changes.


To make our activities safe, we want to buy 10 life-vests.

10 pcs x 300 TBH

Total cost: 3000 TBH (80 €)

Life vest.png
Untitled design.png

Water pump

We need a new water pump to provide water to our Home.

Total cost 7000 THB (1825 €)

Bunk beds

Many of our children are currently sharing old and worn-out bunk beds, and some have no choice but to sleep on the floor due to the shortage of proper bedding.


We believe that quality sleep and rest are fundamental necessities for their well-being, and it is our priority to provide them with comfortable and supportive bedding.

Bed frames - 15.000 TBH x 20 pcs 

Mattresses - 2.500 TBH x 30 pcs

Total cost - 375.000 TBH (9.700 €)

Untitled design.png

Road to the Farm

We want to improve the muddy and slippery road that leads to the farm. Replaced with a proper pavement, it will be not just safer, but also more functional: it would allow an easier and more reliable access to the lake for our children, to the farm for farmworkers and easier equipment transportation.

The absence of a proper road is limiting the access to the well for big vehicles. A good road would allow us to bring the engine and fix the water issue.

Total 385,670 THB (10,000 €) - COMPLETED

Garbage area

Baan Unrak is a self-sufficient sustainable community and we are doing our best to reduce waste. We try to utilize the resources efficiently and progressively, and to compost and sort waste.


An improved waste sorting area will help us with this. We plan to build a new shed and install 12 waste sorting bins.

Building - 40.000 TBH (1055 €) 

Bins (12 pcs) -18.000 TBH (475 €) 

Garbage area.png
Untitled design.png

New bathrooms in the boys' house

The pipe system in the boys' house has been causing us trouble for a long time. Due to numerous malfunctions, we have repeatedly had to make repairs and correct the consequences of leaks.


We are going to fix the old bathrooms, and also replace the whole pipe system, making it reliable, durable and easy to repair.

Total cost 50.000 THB (1320 €) 

Meditation room upgrade

Meditation is a daily practice in Baan Unrak. It purifies our minds and makes us more conscious and focused. The meditation hall is a special sacred place with a special high vibration.


We want to build a wall separating the bathroom area from the main meditation hall. This will help to make the flow even more elevated and the concentration more stable.

Total cost 15.000 THB (400 €) 

Untitled design.png

Bath chair and table for exercises for Ishvari

Ishwari is everyone's favorite in Baan Unrak. Her sincere smile and open look multiply the optimism around her. Her attitude always remains positive, even though every day Ishwari has to struggle with difficulties that most people have no idea about. For her daily routine, she needs special equipment. She is growing fast and has already grown out of the old equipment.

Ishvarii needs a new bath chair – it is a basic tool to take care of her. 
A table for exercises is a piece of essential training equipment to improve the flexibility and strength of her muscles, develop nerve system and develop her motor skills.

Bath chair 4.000 THB (105 €) 

Exercise table 30.500 TBH (800 €) 

Braces for legs 3.600 TBH (95 €) 


Clinic tiles

Our clinic has served us faithfully, providing essential medical care to the children, staff and volunteers. However, when it comes to their flooring, it requires an upgrade. By replacing the old and worn-out flooring with new, durable, and easy-to-clean tiles, we can create a healthier environment for both patients and healthcare professionals.

Hygienic tiles are easier to clean and disinfect, reducing the risk of infections and cross-contamination. A clean and well-maintained clinic enhances the overall experience for patients, making them feel valued and cared for during their time of need.

The work includes tiles for the clinic rooms and top floor.

Total 70.000 THB (1835 €) 

WhatsApp Image 2023-08-29 at 11.43.03.jpg

Wall paint

It is great to live in a beautiful and tidy house. External aesthetics is inextricably linked with the inner state. When we are surrounded by beauty, it is easier to see the beauty within. Bright, inviting walls can transform the atmosphere, fostering positivity and a sense of belonging among the children. 


The Home requires some renovation. First of all, we want to paint all the walls, make our place fresh and inspiring.

Total 20.000 THB (525 €) 

Music room

Behind our stage we have a soundproof room. It is ideal to store our musical equipment and sound system. The room has become very humid because of leaking bathrooms upstairs.
We need to repair the existing toilets on the floor above
(boys’ dormitories) to stop the leaking of water, to tile the floor
f the music room and paint the walls.

It will cost about 50,000 THB (1.385 €) - 50% COMPLETED



We would like to give each child that comes to Baan Unrak the right to have a mattress. It is his/her own property as long as they stay here. It means a lot to them to have a small corner that they can call to be their own. A place to relax, a place where they can cry or laugh.

At the moment we do not have mattresses for everybody, and some of them are really very old and practically unusable

We would like to give a clean bed to our sick children that have to be isolated termporarily form the others. With COVID we had big groups of children that had to isolate all together and did not have any dry mattresses for them.

We need 40 mattresses that cost 2.000THB each total 80,000 THB (2.215 €) - 80% COMPLETED

Engine for the Boat

A boat in Baan Unrak is not a luxury. It is necessary for our agriculture project to move our goats on the Island while we are growing vegetables on our land by the lake.

We also need to often go to check our water pump in the middle of the lake.

Moreover we can get some money by taking our guests to touristic places when our boat is free from other tasks.

If we have a fast and strong engine we will transform our project with our guests into a money-making adventure

Total 47.251 THB (1.310 €) - COMPLETED

Herbal dryer

At Baan Unrak we are trying to use every resource available to survive.

Our garden has a very poor soil, and it is difficult to grow vegetables and fruit. But it is great for herbs.

We have some very powerful herbs such as curcuma, ginger, lemon grass, butterfly pea, moringa and Neem.

Happy Life, a chain of organic food Stores, have contacted us to buy our products! This is a great opportunity, but we quickly need to buy a bigger dryer to meet their requirements! When our teens work with herbs it is so good to see them completely immersed in their task of washing, cleaning and drying.

total now: 7,022.00 THB (195 €) - COMPLETED

Sugar cane machine

On our land, sugar cane grows quite well. As children already sell cakes each day on the Market, it would be a very good opportunity to have this machine, to be able to sell sugar cane drinks as well. People on the Market would probably buy a drink together with a slice of cake!

It is an easy job if we have a machine to help us.

The sugar cane is a very refreshing drink

The machine costs 10, 000 THB (280 €) - COMPLETED


Ecological battery for solar panels

Electricity in our home in Baan Unrak is a real problem. Almost 160 people live and work here (between children, single mothers and staff).

We urgently need 3phase (we currently have only 1phase) but for many reasons we are not able to receive it from the electric Company. We are not a family or a small business. We are much bigger than that. We are in fact a small village by ourselves. During covid time our main switch exploded twice.The solution is lessening the burden of electricity by using several units of solar panels. We have in place a big unit of 42 panels, and this could be enough for the boys’ dormitories, the dining hall and the kitchen. We just need a big Battery. We found the perfect one. It is environmentally friendly and can last for many years.

It comes from a project that was financed by the European union.

It costs 300,000 THB (8.262 €) - ON HOLD

Manure project to help decrease poverty in Sangklaburi

We have on our farm 80 goats that give Baan Unrak milk for yogurt and cheese. We would like to use them also for manure.This way, male goats too will be part of the project. We need to rebuild their shelters on the slope of the mountain with a special system to gather their droppings, which will be collected for organic compost.

Once we have developed this project we can start a system to lend out our goats to the poorest villagers to make a similar product.

The building of such gathering system will cost 60.000 THB (1.660 €) - COMPLETED


Sustainability Through Hospitality

Sangkhlaburi has become a relatively good touristic area.We want to try to become more self-sufficient by attracting people to come and stay in Baan Unrak, creating a nice programme full of attractions. We will also attract groups for meditation, and people to volunteer or to visit and support the children.

The guest house in now only a big empty room with some beds and a very old bathroom.There is the opportunity to expand the ground floor and make a really nice place with 3 rooms, 3 bathrooms and a nice balcony with a great view on the lake.

Cost of 550,000 THB (15.250,00 €) - COMPLETED

In search of
drinking water

In Baan Unrak we need to pay for every glass of water. We cannot use the lake water, not even for cooking.

We found a place on our land that has an underground river with very pure water suitable for drinking.It is in a very narrow valley, and we bought a small domestic well drilling machine. We need 32.000 THB (890 €) for new head drills to finish the job and get the drinking water.

Cost of 32.000 THB (890 €) - COMPLETED

New battery and radiator for Baan Unrak water system

We depend on our daily water from a lake near our home.
The engine that we use to pump water is good, but now we need to change the radiator and the battery

Battery 3.000THB (85,00 €) - COMPLETED

Radiator 5.000THB (140,00 €) - COMPLETED

Stage for performance and dormitory
for groups

We have a very spacious place where our children can perform and dance. 

But this place is also great for welcoming big groups of visitors.
We need them as they bring us new ideas,
new vitality and, most important, they help us economically to survive

These groups can sleep here for several days or more. We need to fix the floor and build several toilets for the guests. We also need to buy about 30 mattresses.

Cost about: 100,000 THB (2.770€) - COMPLETED

Art activities room,audience
space & Dormitory
for big groups

It is a large room communicating with the previous one. It is very bright and airy, ideal for all kind of artwork for the children and can be transformed into an audience space for about
200 people.
We need to repair all the linkages from the bathrooms of the floor above, to tile the floor and repaint the walls.

It can also be used as a second dormitory, so we will need

30 more mattresses.

Cost: 95,000 THB (2.630 €) - COMPLETED

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