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Sadness Behind the Beauty

Sangklaburi looks to be an idyllic village situated on an enormous lake along the Thai-Myanmar border. Behind the beauty there is a lot of suffering and hardship.


A Community Without a Country

This area is home to many refugees fleeing war, forced labor and poverty in Burma/Myanmar. Leaving family and community behind has destroyed the support network for families and exacerbated the immense challenges they face when relocating to a foreign country and culture.


Burmese immigrants are restricted to living in a small region around the border where they encounter discrimination and a lack of jobs. Access to medical treatment and public education is minimal as immigrants face great barriers  to receiving social services without legal papers.


In addition, many are born in Thailand, but lack the legal documentation to prove it. They are "stateless".They also suffer with the same lack of opportunity.


Due to the stress, the family breaks down and the children find themselves alone.

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