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33 years of Baan Unrak

33 years of giving shelter, food, clothing, medical help, education and – most importantly – hope.

Despite the fact, that this October day is when our spiritual mentor who inspired this project, has passed away, it is a magical and bright day. Today we celebrate the anniversary of our Home and all the children, who have passed through – thousands of lives, that have been changed for the better.

We started the celebration before the sunrise.

In the calmness of the early morning, the sound of Baba Nam Kevalam (love is all) filled the air and the deep feeling of love filled our hearts.

Our voices and heartbeats united in a three-hour chanting swayed in the rhythms of the kiirtan.

Throughout the entire three-hour session, the children were the sole providers of the music. We trusted the whole program to them and they did not disappoint: the sound was flowing fluently and the energy remained high throughout the whole time.

Both newcomers and experienced participants joined in, and even the youngest children displayed an enthusiasm to become the new generation of kiirtan players.

Amidst the elevating sounds, it is great to find a moment to enjoy the tranquility of the early morning.

After three hours of singing and dancing, we collectively settled into a serene meditation. Mothers, babies, and children of all ages joined in, and together, we deepened the sense of unity and the boundless love within and around us.

The president of the organization, Didi Ananda Citralekha, gave a speech on this occasion. In a state of heightened awareness, we listened intently to Didi's words.

Everyone got a glass of water and a piece of cake, charged with love and gratefulness.

Baan Unrak is a symbol of hope for all the children, who have faced the suffering and injustice of the society. Here they find a safe place to remain children.

Every new year signifies more lives transformed for the better. That's why the anniversary means so much to us. It transcends being just a holiday; it represents a meaningful change.

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