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Aloe Vera

We’ve known for a long time the importance of Aloe Vera.

We have several Aloe Vera plants around Baan Unrak, and the care mothers take care of them very well. Unfortunately, we hardly use them because they are too young/small and we are too many.

To really be beneficial, the plant must be at least 5 years old. We had been willing to wait until recently, when a patient at the local hospital was told they only had 2 weeks to live. We do not want to give up on the life of anyone so we began an intensive search for larger Aloe Vera plants of a certain variety, which has been used to extend the lifetime of similar patients in the past.

As we were searching for such a plant, incredibly we are lucky enough to connect with a kind man (Khun Nattapon Yothin Sittichai) from Prachuap Khiri Khan Province in Thailand. He used to grow commercial Aloe Vera, but now he was doing other businesses; he was kind enough to donate all of his remaining plants.  We were overwhelmed with joy for it was not only enough for our patient but also our children.

While the children do not suffer from the same ailment, they can also benefit from Aloe Vera, as it can improve memory and physical health.

A team of our children went on a 7 hour trip to Prachuap and came back with a bounty. Everyone remains overjoyed at the kindness of Khun Nattapon and on seeing so many plants full of vital fluid and beauty.

Everybody instinctively understood the inner potential of these plants and nearly all the children in Baan Unrak have contributed  in caring and transplanting the Aloe Vera flora.

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