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At the seashore: service and fun

When Baan Unrak children go to the beach, they bring big bags with them.

This is because they appreciate a clean and tidy environment.

It is said, that “the state of our surroundings, tells the conditions of our soul.”

Children enjoy the process. You can often hear them saying: "I will finish this bag and go play after."

When the local people saw children and volunteers, they got very inspired. In the beginning, they just gave the children a few bottles of lemonade, and later we saw them collecting garbage too. A good example can be infectious.

We pick up all the bags and bring them away.

After a big part of the seashore is cleaned we jump into the water. It cleans the body just like we just cleaned the beach.

We did a great job and it already feels awesome, but we want to celebrate even more. What is the best way to have fun in the sea? Obvious: it's the banana boat!

So much fun!

It is getting darker and we gather together on the sand to sing the mantra "Baba nam kevalam" (love is all).

Meditation flows effortlessly.

Our minds are purified by water and service so we are heading straight to the center of our souls.

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