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Charity Ride for Baan Unrak

Our Biker friends of Siam Handlebar organized a Charity Ride to build awareness, raise funds and collect donations for us.

They came mainly from Bangkok and Hua Hin, riding their big motorbikes!

To come and meet us...

Our Biker friends had to ride under the pouring rain...

We gave them a warm welcome at the dining hall!

They brought us many things...

With all their donations,

We created the scenography for the stage!

When the rain finally stopped...

We gave our guests a...

Tour of our Home!

We brought them to our...

Weaving and Sewing Center

We showed them our handicrafts,

manufactured with love... by our single moms

...while taking care of the babies :)


We proudly showed our guests our...

New Clinic!

Our grownup children Tangmo and Ice were excellent tour guides!


We delighted our guests with a...



We introduced ourselves...!

We started with...

Our Nursery Children's Show!

They delighted our guests with "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes"

and other great classics!

Ishvari, in the wheelchair, joined the dances too!

Dancing Dancing!

...and more songs!

Our children put a lot effort for this event. For many weeks in advance they practiced their performances, when coming home from school.

Meanwhile in the audience...

Lots of Smiles!

Our Praipana showed incredible singing skills,

accompanied by Baleoo on the guitar.

And then...

A wonderful Collective Dance

So uplifting!

Then singing

"We Love the Earth"


A traditional Dance from Myanmar

The Yoga Show!

... with a new group of young children!

Our signature song...:

"You are Not Alone...

...Love is Around You, and...

You are Not Alone,

...Love is Inside You."

Group Photo!


It's time to say...

Good Bye!

Thank You for everything!

Thank you so much for your big effort, before and after the Ride.

It was a great day, and a great fundraising that helped us greatly...

Because of your donations we can still operate and help many children in need.

We know that you are planning to do a similar program next year...

We really look forward to it!

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