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Compassion in action: friends visit Baan Unrak

We are always happy to welcome our friends in Baan Unrak.

A big group of Sai Baba followers visited the children's home with a mission to help in all the possible ways. They showed, how much can be done, when people unite the force.

The younger volunteers immediately found many friends

Our dear guests helped us with many improvements.

Together with our children, they painted the girl house, dining hall and kitchen. Now everything is shining and fresh!

And we have a lot of paint left for other rooms that also need renovation.

Our friends expressed the desire to support the poor people of the district.

It is a monthly challenge for us to keep supporting the community. Our friends sponsored the relief and made sure, that people who rely on us in a difficult situation got everything they need. Knowing the needs, we helped to put together the sets of food and first necessities.

Helped with renovation of the school.

Every day they cooked something new. We learned many tasty and healthy vegetarian recipes.

Brought fire extinguishers for the safety of our home.

Placed lamps and installed solar panels, so the path to the guest-house would be illuminated in the night time. The lighting was also set up near the main house entrance, in front of the dining hall and on the way to our meditation space.

Our guests literally brought us the light and dispelled the darkness.

Baan Unrak family is very grateful for the physical and financial support.

On the last nigh, children performed for the guests.

Yoga show is always a part of a performance.

Younger boys were happy to show their energetic karen dance to the guests.

And the girls proceeded with a different kind of traditional karen dance.

As well as the bigger children shared the beauty of Thai culture.

Children showed a new collection from our designer Kushuma.

The energy was very high.

It was great to welcome our dear friends in Baan Unrak.

We stay in touch and pay more visits to each other in future.


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