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Helping hand for Burma

Baan Unrak helps children who live within its walls, but this is not all. We also take care of those we cannot personally support.

Recently we learned about three villages in Burma that were bombed and are under the threat of an armed attack. The survival of around 600 families is at risk.

Children who come to school from remote villages are cut off from their families. Together with the teachers, they hid in the caves. They do not even have the basic necessities with them, including food, candles and blankets.

At the first opportunity, we sent salt and some money for teachers to help them at such a difficult time.

In order to provide safety the pictures are blurred.

The children could not stay longer in the caves because of the cold. Now they hide in the jungle during the day and sleep in the shelters they built.

We have found people in Burma whom we can trust, and with their help we have passed on the necessary things. Also some graduates of Baan Unrak themselves went to Burma to provide all possible assistance.

We delivered some food and blankets and sent supplies to teachers to provide better conditions for all the people there in Burmese jungle. But that wasn't enough.

Many Baan Unrak children are very aware of what it means to miss basic necessities.

They are ready to sacrifice their comfort to help Burmese children in this difficult situation. Every day, at least one of them turns to the elders with a request to accept something that will help the Burmese children.

Recently, our children received new blankets as a gift from our generous sponsors. We were pleasantly surprised when on the same day some children brought their brand new blankets for us to help Burma. They sacrificed the best they have.

Two of the three villages have already received support. Helping the third village is more difficult, because the soldiers are constantly patrolling it. But quietly and cautiously, little by little, we are sending supplies and money to the people there.

Happiness cannot be bought with money, and no amount of material goods will satisfy our boundless desires. But every person in the world has the right to have their basic needs met.

Baba said:

“Mere acquisition of wealth, power and position does not satisfy a person. The acquisition of something limited only creates the want for more, and the quest for happiness finds no end. The hunger for possessing is unending. It is limitless and infinite.”

“Human society is one and indivisible. Don't try to divide it. Each and every individual should be looked upon as the manifestation of the Cosmic Entity.”

This is what we cultivate in ourselves: simple life, less material attachments and sincere giving to other beautiful souls.

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